Because My Legs Totally Deserve Their Own Blog

Or maybe it’s because I miss the days of writing shameful livejournal posts.

Or maybe it’s because writing a goofy video game blog just doesn’t satisfy my needs as much anymore.

Or maybe it’s because all those days of backpacking by myself in the wilderness have suddenly caused me to be all introverted and pensive. Or extroverted, depending on how you look at it.

Or maybe it’s because I got blown off by a guy for the first time in years and that reminded me that I’m a human being.

Ok, maybe it’s not being blown off so much as not getting hit on. And maybe it’s not the first time in years since there are plenty of times that I don’t get hit on. But it’s the first time in years that I though, “hey, guy, why aren’t you fucking me?” (there’s a story behind that which I’m sure random lurkers would love to hear, but I’ll save it for another day. Actually if you want to look at the big picture, there are at least two stories behind that, but I’ll save them all for other days.)

I digress.

The point I’m trying to get to, is that I have a million of excuses for cheating on Bossy Pally. And none of them really matter since Bossy Pally has no feelings. The blog, I mean. The blog has no feelings. Bossy Pally the person obviously does, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog here. Not feeling anything kinda makes for some pretty boring tales. But it’s the blog I’m talking about, not the person. Oh, and I’m bringing the Giant Spoon with me. It’s like my blue coffee travel mug, I carry it with me wherever I go.

I swear I’m not drunk, just very tired.

Anyway, it was decided (by me) that I wanted to talk about my legs too much and that I already talk about airplanes and backpacking trips too much. All that talking couldn’t possibly be contained by a paladin blog, so the excess crap literary expression ended up here.

This is my self-serving, egotistical and absolutely wonderful corner of my internet. Lurkers are free to stick around, but I refuse to assume any responsibility for wasted minutes you’ll never get back.

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3 Responses to Because My Legs Totally Deserve Their Own Blog

  1. Valithria says:

    It has been a year, and you still haven’t shared the two stories. Just a friendly reminder, since they seem interesting enough. =D

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