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Chronicles Of Being Sick and Getting Better

This was originally posted on my WoW blog, but since it has nothing to do with WoW, I get to post it here too. It was written lightheartedly and is meant to be read lightheartedly. I’m a terrible patient- you’ll … Continue reading

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Funny how timing works

I’ve been really symptomatic over the past couple of days. It’s been brewing for a few months, with the tiredness, the cough (I know it’s not supposed to be connected, but I always get a weird cough before a major … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Having Gastronomy Weekend in Newfoundland

Yes, yes, I know. In the same breath I use to say I want to move to Inuvik for the next two years, I complain about how much I struggle with Newfoundland’s remoteness. The main issue isn’t having to fly … Continue reading

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