Funny how timing works

I’ve been really symptomatic over the past couple of days. It’s been brewing for a few months, with the tiredness, the cough (I know it’s not supposed to be connected, but I always get a weird cough before a major flare up), the nausea, the losing the feeling in my legs after a single beer. Now I feel like a giant pillow. I think all my sensation is still there, there’s just the added feeling of cotton being stuffed under my skin, plus the feeling of being electrocuted whenever something touches me. Yeah, not too fond of wearing clothes these days.

And just because timing is everything, here are things that inconveniantly happened to be timed with the flare up:
– My drivers liscence medical (I refuse to own a car, but I keep my liscence anyway)
– Winter dance
– Bus strike
– Computer in for repairs.

Thankfully I can still walk (not very well, very quickly or very comfortably, but I can walk) so I’ve been able to make it to school, but when I’m not in class or at the library, I’m more or less housebound with no contact with the outside world.

At times like this, I really wonder about elderly people who never have mobility or the internet to compensate for the lonelyness of being housebound. I’m just about losing my mind.

I think picking last weekend to do gastronomy weekend was a good choice. It forced me to get off the couch, it made me do something creative and I got a number of good meals out of it.

But OMG I cannot wait to get my computer back.

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7 Responses to Funny how timing works

  1. Jaedia says:

    Awww 😦
    Have you been to the doctors about it yet?

    • Ophelie says:

      Yeah, I mentionned it when I went in for my driver’s liscence medical. There’s not a whole lot they can do right now. I respond well to steroid therapy, but because the long term risks of that are pretty intense, they usually wait a month or so before giving that out.

      I’m waddling around, wallowing in my self pity. I ended up step on my pride and did a shoutout to my classmates for rides to school. It’s tough having to allow myself to depend on others! But I guess it’s a life skill I should learn sooner or later.

      • Jaedia says:

        Eep, hope you get better soon 😦

      • Brangwen says:

        Im doing my drivers’ license medical tomorrow.

        I know exactly what you mean about the depending on others thing. It is really hard (but you might have read my post on that on my LJ, or not, if you dont have a computer). My fatigue is getting the better of me these days 😦 Minimal exercise and canceling on outings.

        But if you have friends that can help, you KNOW you will return the favour when you can! If they are willing, then take them up on it.

        It’s interesting you say that about the steroids… I generally get the treatment not after a month but after a week if they deem me bad enough because the long term risks of NOT treating are considered worse over here than the side effects of the steroids. Interesting, huh?

      • Ophelie says:

        It probably depends on the symptoms themselves and on the doctor. When I had a flare up in California, the university doctor was ready to give me the injection then and there. (I ended up not getting it, though, because he couldn’t get ahold of my neurologist, the symptoms ended up clearing on their own after a month.) When I saw my doctor here, my issues were only sensory/pain and I was still able to walk the 3km to school, so things might have changed now that I’m having spasticity too. I’ve spend enough money on doctors bills though and I’m kind of fed up of the ping pong game they play with me. My neurologist back home is impossible to reach (I’m lucky if I get one appointment a year) and the doctors here don’t seem to know very much about MS.

        I think I’m going to need to head over to the ER later this week anyway (yay bowel obstruction) so maybe I can fit some MS whining in with that.

  2. Brangwen says:

    Oh I just read your pally blog!
    What the hell is going on woman! Pain, unable to walk? You are not a superhero!!! GET THEE TO THE HOSPITAL AND GET THEE FIXEDEDDED.
    Do I need to fly over to NF and carry you there myself? πŸ˜›

    Everything is harder without a computer 😦

    Sounds promising.

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