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Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Crêpes

Crêpes are a typical weekend breakfast dish for me. But it occurred to me that not everyone has had the opportunity to try the deliciousness that are crêpes. Which is sad because they’re so easy to make. All you have … Continue reading

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Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Learning to Prepare Clams

Here’s another of many posts with pictures of food. Yay food! This is a recipe I got from the liquor store’s seasonal publication. I love Occasions Magazine because they don’t just suggest some delicious recipes, they also pair each recipe … Continue reading

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Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Home Pho Soup

A couple of months ago, I had Gastronomy Weekend. Gastronomy Weekend is how I console myself for not being able to indulge in delicious pleasures due to lack of money and lack of decent restaurants in the area. The concept … Continue reading

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