Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Home Pho Soup

A couple of months ago, I had Gastronomy Weekend. Gastronomy Weekend is how I console myself for not being able to indulge in delicious pleasures due to lack of money and lack of decent restaurants in the area. The concept is simple: I cook a lot of food and then I eat it for days.

I’ve since cut down to Gastronomy Saturdays, where I cook one new, fancy dish every Saturday and it’s working out pretty well for me. I don’t take pictures anymore, but I had some from the original Gastronomy Weekend rotting on my camera. Since this is my shrine to myself, and I love looking at pictures of food, here are pictures of food I made for myself.

Home Pho Soup

I got this recipe from my pretentious Vietnamese cookbook (I call it pretentious because half the words are in Vietnamese and I had terrible time finding out what everything was. My computer was in for repairs at the time so google wasn’t an option. Most of the recipes also call for bizarre stuff that made all the Asian grocery store owners really love me.)

So Pho Soup is my favorite thing in the whole world and I’ve been in dispair over the past 5 years because St. John’s has no (and in ZERO) restaurants that make Tonkenese Soup. My pretentious Vietnamese cookbook had a recipe for Pho that I’ve ignored due to the three-page-long list of disgustingly expensive ingredients. (Which is kind of surprising considering restaurant Pho soup is usually super cheap.) But! since Gastronomy Weekend is special, I went all out and made my own.

Broth in the making! Like any kind of soup, broth is the longest step. I couldn’t get my hands on the oxtail and other beefy ingrediants I needed, so I substituted with stewing beef and short ribs. Turns out I’m absolutely brilliant when it comes to substitutions and the broth ended up being the best broth I’ve ever made in my life. I didn’t even have to add salt or extra soup base. It was perfect.

When you make Pho soup, you put the non-broth ingredients in a bowl, raw. You cook them by pouring boiling broth on them. Obviously, you want the meat to be cut very, very thin.

And then you can eat your delicious Pho soup and hope the broth cooked meat doesn’t give you food poisoning.

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2 Responses to Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Home Pho Soup

  1. Deyndor says:

    That looks and sounds delicious. I might have to try making it.

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