Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Learning to Prepare Clams

Here’s another of many posts with pictures of food. Yay food!

This is a recipe I got from the liquor store’s seasonal publication. I love Occasions Magazine because they don’t just suggest some delicious recipes, they also pair each recipe with fitting wine (or in this case, beer).

The dish I made here is the Eat Drink Man Woman Taiwanese Clams (there was a movie recipe theme in that issue).

As those well-versed in seafood can tell, I’m using mussels, not clams. When cooking in Newfoundland, especially when you don’t have a car to drive across town in, you become really flexible with substitutions.

Mussels need to be washed and scrubbed before being prepared. Why, I don’t know, since they’re sealed shut until you steam them.

W00t! Steamed mussels! It was way easier than I expected. I should really make mussels more often.

Served with the Yanjing beer suggested in the recipe.

They were so delicious that I ate them all in one sitting, all by myself.

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