Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Crêpes

Crêpes are a typical weekend breakfast dish for me. But it occurred to me that not everyone has had the opportunity to try the deliciousness that are crêpes. Which is sad because they’re so easy to make.

All you have to do is break an egg in a dish. Then you add a little bit of flour and a little bit of milk (milk is not included on picture so pretend that the bottle of wine is actually a carton of milk). Then you mix it together to get the lumps out. Then you add more flour and more milk and get rid of the lumps. You can add sugar too (like on the picture) if you want extra sweetness.

You want to end up with a mixture that runs, but isn’t liquidy. Quantity wise, you want enough to cover the bottom of a large frying pan.

When you’re finished playing with milk and flour, you melt some margarine over a large frying pan (most people use cooking oil, but margarine makes the crêpes taste soooo much better). Once the margarine is melted, you pour the mixture into the frying pan and spread it as equally as you can and you let it cook over low-medium heat.

Once the crêpe is almost completely cooked, flip it over and let the other side cook for 1-2 minutes. And then it’s ready!

I like chocolate sauce and strawberries (the grocery store didn’t have any strawberries that week, in case you were wondering about the strange strawberries in the following picture) but you can really put whatever you want in your crêpe.

And then you close your crêpe and eat it with a fork and knife.

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4 Responses to Gastronomy Weekend Pictures: Crêpes

  1. Brangwen says:

    I love crepes!
    I ate them growing up, but I tended to roll them up rather than just fold them in half. I think savoury crepes (with like cheese and stuff) are the best! and dusted with icing sugar. NOM!

    • Ophelie says:

      Yours were probably a lot thinner than mine! I can’t get mine to roll. My egg + flour: milk ratio is probably too big. They are really good with cheese, I just got in the habit of always putting chocolate syrup and fruit in them. I should pick up some cream cheese someday for variety’s sake.

  2. Ryan Glass says:

    Crepes are delicious, but I’ve always had them on the street. Well, except for the time I had a margherita crepe across the street from Notre Dame, but that was almost like a french calzone the way they made it. Regardless, crepes are best. My friend Jeff runs a crepe food truck and I try to go wherever he’s working so I can score one.

    • Ophelie says:


      I do find them sort of better when they’re bought since restaurants and street vendors have that big spinning table that makes them big, flat and not lumpy. They also have more selection of stuff to put in the crepes. But they’re much cheaper when you make them at home.

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