Because you can never have too many Banff pictures

While Day One was a little rough, Day Two came together wonderfully. I guess it helps when you can actually see the snow! I’m paying for it now (wearing pants is such torture, OMG), but I did manage to ski at pretty much 90% capacity on Monday and Tuesday. Even got a respectable amount of black diamonds and moguls in. Was seriously tempted by some double blacks too (or perhaps it was by the cute Aussie backcountry skiiers…) but I was a good girl (especially since I was skiing alone) and opted to not push myself into situations I might not be able to get out of.

Anyway, since there’s not a whole lot to say and pictures are worth many words, here are some pictures of Days 2 and 3, taken by my shaking, cold hand on my phone:

Early morning on Day 2

Early morning on Day 2

Banff Trip 035

Banff Trip 039

Banff Trip 041

Banff Trip 055

Banff Trip 058

Quick pic at a pit stop on the way home.

And for those who can’t get enough mountain pictures, the full album should be public on Facebook.

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