The Epic Journey Begins! (Much more quietly than expected.)

Today is Sunday. I’ve been unemployed since Wednesday and technically homeless since Thursday. (I say “technically” since, as far as homelessness goes, living out of my car and sleeping in hostels is pretty luxurious.)

I had lots of notes about moving out of my apartment and into storage. I had notes about my last day at work. I had notes about the fun times I had at Edmonton’s Heritage Days/Festival.

I had so many notes and blog post ideas, but as the stress of customer service, of performing and of not killing people by accident is replaced by the more mundane stress of booking hostels, complaining that the friends I want to visit don’t answer their emails and hoping that no one breaks into my car, all that’s left is a lot of sleepyness. It took a couple of days to kick in- I suppose a lifetime of being ALL-GO-ALL-THE-TIME takes a while to wear off- but more and more I wonder if I’m an early victim of the zombie apocalypse.

My interactions go like this:

Other person: Hi!
Me: Heeeeeeeeyyyy…..
Other person: How are you?
Me: …sorry….what was thaaaaaaat?
Other person: How are you?
Me: Oh… Gooooooood.
Other person: ….
Me: Oooooh, how about youuuuu?
Other person: Good, thank you! Do you remember me?
Me: *little bit of drool*


Anyway, here’s the general itinerary. I’ve rehearse it so often that even in my zombiness, I can still recite it flawlessly:

Part 1: Driving to Nova Scotia to leave car with parents
– Edmonton
– Calgary
– Regina
– Winnipeg
– Small town in Minnesota
– Milwaukee area and/or Chicago
– Small town in Ohio
– New Jersey
– Sherbrooke/Montreal
– Quebec city
– Miramichi
– Cap Breton

Part 2 – Australia
– Flying from Sydney, Canada to Sydney, Australia (HAHAHAHA)
– Have surfing/ranch camps in September (That’s right, not too old for camp!)
– May or may not work based on whether someone will hire me only for 2-3 months.

Part 3- South East Asia
– Spending 2 months in a small village in Thailand
– Then going wherever. Planning ahead is overrated.

Part 4- Returning home
– When I run out of money, get tired of travelling, or government wants me home. Whichever happens first.
– Don’t know where I’m coming home to. Would like to work up North, but we’ll see. Would also like to get into international health.

As usual with my backpacking trips, if you’re reading this, live somewhere along my itinairy and would like to hang out, I love meeting new people. Feel free to get in touch.

(And to those friends who never check their emails, please check your emails, hugs and kisses)

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