Postcard from Thailand

Since finishing up our volunteering gig in Southern Thailand, I’ve been accumulating stories and reflections, but I’m no professional travel blogger and just can’t seem to make time for the occasional update. I also have trouble with writing just a few words – it’s either 3000 words or it’s nothing. And with my two modes being “on-the-go” and “asleep”, you can imagine how often I want to glue my butt to a chair to type up 3000 words!

At the same time, I do want a written trace of my travels because there’s no way I’m going to remember all this in a year.

So for the sake of journalling, here’s a somewhat-postcard format of a blog post.

Let’s start with a postcard photo. How about this one:

Dusk in Khao Yai National Park near Pak Chung, Thailand

Dusk in Khao Yai National Park near Pak Chung, Thailand

Dear postcard readers,

Finished volunteering in the South at the end of February. Was so hard to leave! Miss the staff and the kids at school very much. Also miss the food.

Went to Bangkok, stayed in a posh neighbourhood, visited touristy places. Took the train 90 minutes north to Ayutthaya to admire Thai ruins. Then took train east to Pak Chung to visit Khao Yai National Park. Didn’t see any wild elephants 😦 Did see some elephants by the road outside the park but unsure if they are wild. Our tour did not stop for them. Saw lots of bats and creepy crawlies. Took bus north to Khon Kaen because wanted to see Isaan region of Thailand. Khon Kaen ended up being beautiful but modern city. Loved Khon Kaen but will have to try again for authentic Isaan experience. Then took bus west to Pitsanulok. Scored front seats on top level of double decker bus. Very scenic trip through the mountains. Took bus from there to Sukhothai to see more ruins. Fell in love with Sukhothai countryside. Took excellent bike tour and visited several craft shops. Took bus back south to Ayutthaya to replace lost souvenir then took night train north to Chiang Mai. Visited museums, took street food tour and got massages. Leaving tomorrow by bus to Mae Hong Son further north west of here.

Miss you all, hope you are well and wish you were here.

In case that was too confusing, here’s map:

itiniary chiang mai

The Numbers:

1- Ranong, South Thailand
2- Bangkok, Central Thailand
3- Ayutthaya, Central Thailand
4- Pak Chung, North Eastern Thailand/Isaan
5- Khon Kaen, North Eastern Thailand/Isaan
6- Phisanulok, North Thailand
7- Sukhothai, North Thailand
8- Ayutthaya, Central Thailand
9- Chiang Mai, North Thailand
10- Mae Hong Son, North Thailand

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4 Responses to Postcard from Thailand

  1. It was a little confusing but an interesting read. More photos would have been awesome πŸ™‚

  2. hooksamui says:

    Reblogged this on hooksamui and commented:
    Thailand welcome!

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