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Comforts I Miss From Home

It’s fitting, I suppose, that right after writing a long spiel about colds and flus and about how important it is to get a flu shot, I should get sick with a nasty, mystery respiratory illness. I made it to … Continue reading

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A Cold, The Flu, The Stomach Flu: Keeping them Straight

I see A LOT of confusion about this. Just this morning, I had to seriously restrain myself when I read the following on Reddit: “you couldn’t have known it was gastroenteritis and not the stomach flu”. And the other day, … Continue reading

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Vignette of Thai Life: Of Kids and Bicycles

My favorite moments on the road are the small slices of life that simultaneously remind us how alike us humans are, and highlight how differently we express it. We spent two months at a Thai special needs school, hanging out … Continue reading

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Check Point: Almost a Year and a Half on the Road

These days, I’m in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m studying Chinese (or as I tell everyone around here, wo xue zhongwen) and I enjoy it (wo xihuan xue zhongwen). I would have loved to be a travel blogger, but given that I … Continue reading

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