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Learning to Garden: The Results

To celebrate my first summer as a home owner, I decided to try growing some stuff. I…was not very successful, but the fruits of my labor weren’t so disastrous as to chase me away from grassroots forever. My crops just … Continue reading

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On Failing to Get Pregnant: A Reflection

Alright. Last post was a light-hearted take on how trying to conceive isn’t as straightforward as I expected. This is the more… hmm…philosophical follow up post. This is a super touchy subject because everyone who fails to get pregnant has … Continue reading

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On Getting Pregnant: “They” Told Me It Would Be Easy

As long as you’re healthy, getting pregnant is easy, they said. Have sex a few times around ovulation, they said. It’s exciting and it’ll happen faster than you expect, they said. Around cycle 4, I was getting impatient. Around cycle … Continue reading

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My Yegbox Came!

The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with subscription boxes. Not slang-obsessed like those people who say they’re obsessed with anything that appeals to them. Obsessed-obsessed as in I’ve spent hours browsing through box sites (I’m especially a fan of … Continue reading

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