I’m what happens when you take a video game geek, give her hiking boots and a good budget and set her loose in the world.

Taming a ferocious koala at the Koala Sanctuary on Magnetic Island, Australia.

Taming a ferocious koala at the Koala Sanctuary on Magnetic Island, Australia.

After blogging about video games for years at Bossy Pally, I quit my job as a pharmacist and, well, my life, hopped on a plane and flew to the other side of the world.

For the next year or two, I float around with the mission of doing cool things in cool places.

Will I succeed?

Stop by once in awhile to find out!

(Also don’t be shy to say hi. This blog was never intended to have much traffic so the tumbleweed piles up.)


4 Responses to About

  1. Awesome !! All the power to you and I will following to see what happens. Wish I could do it over; oh yeah, we are, only with some cash in our pockets as early retirees. Hope to see you some day in SE Asia and hope you check us out at http://www.experimantalexpats.com.
    Rob and Diane

  2. ohbeep says:

    What led to your decision to quit as a pharmacist? Only heavy student loans are weighing me down before I up and travel the world as well ):

    • Ophelie says:

      Hi! Sorry for the slow reply, I haven’t checked the blog in like 6 months!

      I had always wanted to travel but never had the chance so my intend always was to just work long enough to pay off my loans and build up some savings. I had a contract job so leaving wasn’t a big deal, it was just “not renewing my contract”. My working conditions were very stressful, though, and I think that even if travelling hadn’t always been my plan, taking a year or two to see the world and reflect on my priorities would have been beneficial.

      Best of luck to you with your travel prep and subsequent travels! You’ll see, it’s definitely worth every painful shift and every annoying customer/coworker/boss!

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