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Learning To Garden

My mom was an accomplished gardener. Our house sat on half an acre in the suburbs and there were gardens everywhere. Heaping flower beds in front of the house and around the back deck and a vegetable garden larger than … Continue reading

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Home Ownership Lessons

We bought a house! How exciting! I think I’ve returned to my pre-backpacking weekly routine as well: work 8:30am-ish to 9pm-ish then pass out on the bed/couch/floor, spend off-day 1 staring at a wall, moaning about how exhausted I am … Continue reading

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The Journey to Being an Adult

With youthful wandering around the world completed, it’s been time to grow up and start adulting. So I found a job. Then I got married. Then I packed up and moved across the country (or back home, depending on how … Continue reading

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Returning from an Epic Journey

It is done. On March 19th, 2016 at about 10pm local time, after almost 20 months of happily wandering the world, I crossed the border into Canada. The following evening, I reached my parents house. I’ll be calling it home … Continue reading

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Back to Backpacking

In the last 10 days, we’ve said our goodbyes to our friends in Taiwan, filled up our backpacks again and have been making our way through Cambodia. We decided to come to Cambodia instead of flying straight home because, well, … Continue reading

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It’s Christmastime and I’m not leaving the house any more than I have to

I’ve always loved Christmas. Two childhood memories stand out in my mind. The first is about the colourful lights strung outside my window as a child. They were just bright enough for me to sneak in a couple extra chapters … Continue reading

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Comforts I Miss From Home

It’s fitting, I suppose, that right after writing a long spiel about colds and flus and about how important it is to get a flu shot, I should get sick with a nasty, mystery respiratory illness. I made it to … Continue reading

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